Thursday, May 04, 2006

Just another Thursday

Just like any other Thursday, the day began with running out to church to clean. Normally Carolyn gets to hang out with Beth and the two of them go adventuring through church together as Beth takes care of her duties while I handle cleaning products. Well today the phone rang and Beth, being the dutiful church secretary that she is, answered it. A few moments later I heard the sound of glass breaking and went running. Carolyn had decided to try to pick up the money jar from the church's cafe and there was green glass from behind the cafe counter, to the bookshelves and even all the way to Beth's desk. I don't know how it got that far but it did. Of course, Carolyn knew that she made a mistake so she tried to pick the jar back up and thankfully she didn't get cut. What a morning! The rest of today was not nearly as interesting and I'm okay with that!!!


Andy said...

It doesn't take them long to get into things they aren't supposed to! I've had to get back into the swing of that with the grandbabies! Glad Carolyn didn't get hurt.

Oh Snap!!! said...

well im glad carolyn didnt get hurt the poor baby lol welp have fun