Thursday, December 20, 2012


While I completely love being a stay-at-home mom, more than I thought I ever would (since this wasn't some childhood dream but more a necessity at first), discovering my love of read has been a mental escape and much needed therapy for me. Lately I've been blessed to discover a new author Colleen Hoover. Okay so story of finding her books. Overhearing another mommy talk about her while waiting to pick up my children. I author stole! Yep, guilty! Some mom, don't even remember her name was talking to another about this latest read SLAMMED and I was curious. Went home, downloaded a sample and I was hooked. Now, she has her latest HOPELESS out and let me just say, there was no waiting for Christmas morning before I opened my present. Hee hee. Late night reading, double coffee portions in the morning, and lost in the world of Holder and Sky.  Check it out for yourself.