Saturday, June 24, 2006

old pics

Okay so I was clicking through some old photos to get printed and I happened across these beauties of my darling little girl. She's been such a fun kid to have around...we really got blessed. The first ones are of Carolyn eating smoke after helping daddy build a fire while we were on vacation in amish country Berlin, Ohio over Memorial day weekend. Then she got the joy of playing in the rain, then there is daddy and his swim baby. Well that's all for today. Enjoy!

Sunday, June 18, 2006


Well tis the season for graduations. Let's see at church there have been about a gizillion and a half from both high school and college and in Moms club there have been quite a few too. Crazy Crazy! Well speaking of crazy, on my friends threw a huge party today for her baby girl's graduation from high school and she wanted something as equally as special to commemorate it. So I created this topsy turvey cake with all her favorite colors and even little chocolate monkeys to make her smile. There were also some truffles but no pics of them because it's only chocolate with the school colors drizzled over top. No great big feat there. Well thought I'd share this crazy cake with you. Enjoy and Congrats to all the grads.

Here's what the family said about the cake via email...
HATS OFF TO JESSICA My daughters graduation cake was AMAZING!!!

If you get a chance ask Jessica to see a picture it was sooooo COOL...

It tasted great and everyone who came just loved it...
I highly recommend her to all.....I am so AWED at the talent I wish I had just a smidge of it...Jessica your great thanks for a great cake!!
Kimberly and Family

Thursday, June 15, 2006

It does exist!

So on our adventure to Ohio a few weekends past we discovered some place that was only eluded to in my childhood. How many of you out there in Internet land ever been told you needed to attend Charm School. Perhaps you tripped or didn't use your silverware correctly or even belched at the table but a parent said you needed to attend Charm School. Little did you know the place actually existed. Grant this Charm school is geared toward the elementary students there to learn math and spelling and such but it exist. Makes you wonder, do any of those students belch at their cafeteria tables and if so where do the teacher want to send them...humm... something to think about. I'm out.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


We're both getting a lesson in independence this week. Evan's in Japan and soon after he left I had three flat tires within 24 hours. I wasn't stressing after the third one because it just became funny. Oh well all better now. I haven't been sleeping good because I miss my man in the house and Carolyn's the same way. She has had some really funny moments without daddy though. She does "talk" to him on the phone which he loves but while we spend time just she and I, I daily see her independence growing. The other day she pulled her clothes out of her closet for the next stage of her life (24 month clothing) and cleared out her dresser and put those in them. Too funny. Then she took my t-shirts out of my drawers and put them in the laundry basket and heaven forbid the basket is close to the washer because she'll transfer those to the washer too. LOL. Too funny. Well thought I would share. A few more days to go without Evan but us womenfolk are making it and finding our own independence in the process.