Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Joys of Motherhood

I LOVE being a Mom! And who wouldn't with a sweetheart child like mine. I get paid in hugs which is soooo much better than money. I still think the college degree was worth it especially because mine was in communication but an emphasis in child communication might have been good. Carolyn's now starting to really talk but her words aren't pronounced the best. She says "cuse" for "excuse" after she burps, sneezes, coughs or ahhmmm. (Well trained) And she says "leaze" for "Please". So cute. And she always says something after we pray but it doesn't sound like Amen so we're still working on that one. But a nice code of deciphering would have been nice. Regardless I'll take her dozen hugs a day and the occassional kiss to make all the deciphering well worth it. So big yet so small.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Happy Birthday

Camera Down so no images...sorry folks. But no worries new one just arrived today so when I get new pictures...so the wait will be over for you. Patience is a virtue right??? So well just sitting here munching on some elk jerky (stuff from Evan's parents-they find the wierd stuff)...anyway...yummy!! A little spicy but good. Life lately, hum, well Carolyn started Mother Goose reading half hour on Monday and not sure if she understands why someone other than me is reading to her or why I'm singing (maybe thinking God Why is mommy trying to sing, can you tell her to stick to reading??). But today she clapped her hands when we started singing If your happy and you know it (I told her to clap but she did...yeah). So I'll take it as she likes it.
Evan is hanging in there with the thoughts of expanding our family and finding his groove with the Park Chapel Youth group. He loves it and that's sooo refreshing.
I'm not nearly as sick as I was with Carolyn's pregnancy but still no real piece of cake. This weekend we went down to Texas to celebrate Evan's Dad's 60th. We had a fun time down there at the Dallas World Aquarium and eating out with the family. Carolyn was a chatter box so everyone got a big kick out of her. So Happy birthday to him. And also, this week is my cousin's birthday...happy Birthday Erin!
Well that's the update. Done with the elk jerky...need water...so I'm out.