Sunday, March 30, 2008

My girl is 3 (or free if you ask her)!

I can't believe it...she's 3. Although I'm sure I'll say this about every birthday of hers from now until I quit writing on this stupid blog. She had a bunch of little kiddos over for a princess party and while a few friends couldn't make...the house was packed with laughter and giggles most of the time. Of course I did the cake and she loved teh sparkles on the side of it along with many of her friends which only ate the icing. (good thing we did the cake toward the end...LOL.) Anyway, all is well and she was blessed with many great memories and many great gifts. Thank you all for celebrating with us!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Carolyn's 3rd birthday cake

Well tomorrow my baby girl turns 3! She's going to be sooo surprised when she sees her cake. It's buttercream with a fondant board to add to the overall appearance. Filled with a dutch apple's sure to freak her freak! Can't wait to see our little princess all dressed up with her tiny little friends having a great party (hopefully)! Just wanted to share.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter cake

Well I really wanted to do this cake for as long as I can remember after taking the Wilton fondant and tiered cakes course several years here it is...and it was beautiful..and also yummy! Too bad you can't eat a photo huh??

Hoppy Easter!

So we really were like humm do we want to do the whole Easter Bunny thing and you know...still haven't quite decided but she LOVED looking for eggs so that was fun and we knew the candy would be a big hit. For Jonathan I found these adorable linking eggs and he loved those. Of course when mom and dad weren't looking, Carolyn shared her chocolate with Jonathan neglecting to take off the foil wrapping so Jonathan was covered in chocolate and choking on it but all was well and he wanted more. LOL. Looks like they both got daddy's sweet tooth. What a happy Easter and God Bless.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Evan's 30!

Well it's true...after 29 comes 30 and Evan now has reached that "pivotal" point in his life. Let's see so his parents and grandma flew in to surprise him and friends and family sent birthday cards (which I totally appreciated) and overall, he was feeling very loved. Evan was so overwhelmed with all the love, he and Jonathan needed a nap. So for those of you who are like...humm...what cake did Jessica do for the love of her they are. Yep I made two. One funny one of a man being sucked into a grave and one very cool one using chocolate transfers on spiked peanut butter chocolate and pirouette cookies surrounding it. What you don't see is the apple filling in the grave cake and Reese pieces filling in the "that's just cool" cake. I did not include his surprise face because I didn't want to embarass him (also, it's just not a "good" surprise face.). But really, thanks again all for showing Evan how totally awesome he is and even the scandalous cards that were sent (and you know who you are) they were great. Carolyn and my nephews particularily loved the superman card that played the theme song. So thanks again...from a very grateful wife.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Forget the bib!

He LOVES Spaghetti! Look at this gorgeous boy all a mess and showing off the war-wounds.

Snow babies!

Well we got hit with some snow and while Jonathan wasn't all that impressed...Carolyn was all over the snow. From snow angels to her first sledding experience...she is a snow addict!