Sunday, August 27, 2006


The Ocean is so vast and Carolyn got her first experience with it this past week. Whether it was digging in the sand or splashing in the water, she always had to have me right at her side. The last few weeks have completely changed me. We've been going to a new church and feel like we click there. Our family is finally serving again in the Kingdom of God and it feels so rejuvinating. I started thinking about it. At CFC it wasn't like we weren't getting fed but I feel like our cups were full and without giving anything away it was just making our cups run over. The waters within weren't feeling the difference anymore with receiving because we were always full so we needed a chance to give away so we could fill up and feel the difference in our hearts. We've always felt God close to us during the past months but we need to see that water moving again. So now we're on a new adventure again and Carolyn is meeting more people and we're seeing the waves. We won't forget or lose touch with those who want to continue a relationship with us but we are eager to see the waves get bigger and bigger. And just like Carolyn...we're so excited to have God leading us and we'll stick right by His side.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

A new year

Well so I suppose with turning 26 now Evan and I are making some serious decisions lately and one of which is leaving CFC to join another church. We've been looking at other churches for a while because God just felt like He was calling us somewhere else. It was a hard decision because Carolyn is so comfortable there but maybe too comfortable. So we're making the announcement in the morning and seeing what God has in store for us at another church. We're already feeling very connected to another church and Evan's even serving in their youth group (we've both felt called to serve for years with teens and we have at many churches but never really got involved at CFC) It might have been the transition to parenthood that made us a little leary because teenagers might think they are all independent but they really are needy (which is great but we were feeling already stretched thin with a new baby girl). So regardless this is it. We still plan being a part of the CFC family just at more of a distance right now. We trust God will continue to move at CFC and no matter what we're all part of the kingdom on a mission to tell every last soul about the one true Savior. Peace out. Jess, Evan, Carolyn and mystery baby (which I think is a boy).

Friday, August 18, 2006


Read the shirt! Surprise!!!

Friday, August 11, 2006

More cakes and cookies

latest cakes and cookies

Movie Day

Well on Tuesday Carolyn went to see her first movie...Barnyard. I of course had to snap lots of pics of her for her scrapbook. She did pretty well but it was a little long for her. She said Hi to just about everyone in the theater. It was adorable.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Hey there webworld. Just thought that I'd post something since it has been awhile. Life in the Zelkovich home is good. We've been in prayer about a few things and when God gives us a clear direction we'll share but until then. Oh the pic is of me and my twin at the Soul 2 Soul concert in St. Louis on the 14th of July.