Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Hey there webworld. Just thought that I'd post something since it has been awhile. Life in the Zelkovich home is good. We've been in prayer about a few things and when God gives us a clear direction we'll share but until then. Oh the pic is of me and my twin at the Soul 2 Soul concert in St. Louis on the 14th of July.


AmyJo said...

Lookin hot! Hey, you guys need to come out and see us soon. It's sad enough that we live down the street from each other and email more than we call.

jeremiah.alexander said...

hey Jessica its Jeremiah A. I didn't know your email, but check out my blog at http://boogersonthewall.blogspot.com/

Now we gotta wait a year before we can go out for sushi together!

jendan02 said...

WOW which one is you?? It don't matter you are both....HOT!! Wanna get together some time???

AmyJo said...

lol, Jen. You're the hottie! I just tell Jessica that she is, so as not to hurt her feelings!

(Just kidding Jess, you're really the hottie)

No, Jen it's you, I promise.

(Really, Jess. Come on)

WhyamIdoingthis said...

ha ha Amy and Jen. You two crack my up. It is strange that we email more Amy and just so you know our mother use to do that so and so is cutier, better, smarter, or she loves so and so more stuff all the time growing up. LOL.

Marty said...

Wow ! There are two of you! Can the world take it? (LOL). I didnt know you had a twin jess. Missing you and evan. take care and we will see you soon.