Saturday, August 26, 2006

A new year

Well so I suppose with turning 26 now Evan and I are making some serious decisions lately and one of which is leaving CFC to join another church. We've been looking at other churches for a while because God just felt like He was calling us somewhere else. It was a hard decision because Carolyn is so comfortable there but maybe too comfortable. So we're making the announcement in the morning and seeing what God has in store for us at another church. We're already feeling very connected to another church and Evan's even serving in their youth group (we've both felt called to serve for years with teens and we have at many churches but never really got involved at CFC) It might have been the transition to parenthood that made us a little leary because teenagers might think they are all independent but they really are needy (which is great but we were feeling already stretched thin with a new baby girl). So regardless this is it. We still plan being a part of the CFC family just at more of a distance right now. We trust God will continue to move at CFC and no matter what we're all part of the kingdom on a mission to tell every last soul about the one true Savior. Peace out. Jess, Evan, Carolyn and mystery baby (which I think is a boy).


AmyJo said...

Well Jess, we love you guys. I'm happy that you found a place where you fit. That's more important than anything. God is omnipresent, and will meet you where-ever you are. The word of God says the He will pour out his spirit on ALL flesh in the last days, and I believe that God will (and is) begin to move in every church and every individual who is open to him. He is not a respector of persons/churches. God bless you, and I hope that you find the open arms and relationships that you're needing.

Miriam Solomon said...

i will miss you! but i've already told you everything in the e-mail! XOXOX!

Mom of Sisters said...

Ahh, yes, we had 4, that's FOUR mystery "boys"! :)

Check out Charis, Cindy, Miriam, and Beth!! Now that's LOL