Monday, February 27, 2012

50 birthday idea

I know it's been a LONG time but now that both the children are in school and I am start to reclaim my identity with various projects, I'll start sharing some of the latest stuff filling the white space in my life. With buying a house soon I'm sure there will be lots of housing projects just over the horizon. Until then, I am busy crafting. My stepdad turned 50 this last week so to celebrate I wanted to do something creative for him because afterall parents love homemade stuff no matter how old their children are! So here is the evolution of my idea. First I saw some paint can filled with suckers and it said Fifty Sucks. Cute but wanted to tailor it to my dad. He has always been in the automotive trade so I thought a tire would be a nice base for this project. A simple lawn mower tire worked out well. I used a serrated knife to shave down the floral foam to fit snuggly inside and be roughly 3 to 4 inches above the tire top. I wrapped it with tissue paper for two reasons; the first reason was because I wanted it to look nice and the second reason was to keep all those little green foam bits from messing up the table it would eventually sit on. Next I just poked all the sucker ends into the foam starting at the bottom and working my way up in a nice rounded shape, hiding as much of the foam base as possible. A little tulle and a homemade sign and we were good to go. While my dad laughed hard, the grandkids loved all the suckers papaw handed out.