Saturday, April 29, 2006

Girls Nite II the living room was packed yet again with ladies wanting to cozy up for a good chick flick (Tristan and Isolde) and good conversation (which you all know you can only have it you're talking to women...LOL.) Let's see who was Andy and Amy, Courtney (for awhile), Miriam, Beth, Amanda and Amy R. These pics were NOT taken by me but were the product of crazy women (you can decide who took them.) I spared you the images of nasal passages from two different people-I know who you were LOL...that's kind of creepy sounding but you could see eyes too I don't go around looking up people's noses. LOL. Then we all learned that miriam's "holy" pants have been around since 8th grade and she's a she'll be a junior in college this fall so I think we should start a fund to buy the girl some new pants. I know college kids are poor but come on this is crazy. Someone needs to talk to Kurt and Cheryl about this. While the movie was romantic as it suggested (something about before there was Romen and Juliet there was Tristan and Isolde) we finished up the night with looking through my scrapbooks and chatting about life. Well that's all for this installment of Jess Speaks. We'll have to do Girls Nite III soon. I'm out.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Calling all huggers

Okay so Evan and I were walking last night and we were chatting about hugs. I don't know why but it came up. But anywho, we were and talking about since we don't have family up here we don't hug too many other people around other than our Bible Study gang. So just wondering who are the huggers out there that don't mind a greeting with a hug. I know that Angie isn't but I'm figuring that she's just a rare bird. Evan likes hugs too but if you are a chicky...beware..I'm always watching so side hugs please if you want to greet him with a hug too. Thanks.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

My little sweet addict

Well it's come to pass...just like her father Carolyn is addicted to cake. I made a little cake for my friend's birthday yesterday afternoon and within minutes of me taking it to her, I walked in the dining room to see my daughter covered in icing and washing cake down with her milk. Guess I need to put the cakes up a little higher now. Good thing this wasn't for a client.

Monday, April 24, 2006

my own insecurity

A friend of mine recently opened up about some insecurities in her life and my response to her was in a nutshell to count her blessings and go fill the nitch that God made you for. The truth is...we all have insecurities from time to time that we must deal with in our own way. For's my weight and that probably always be the case. I love to cook food and therefore I enjoy eating the food that Evan and I make. I recently read something about how a new mom feels like that I now keep by my dresser. "Your body will eventually bounce back and You mind will finally measure its worth by something other than a dress size." I do feel like my contribution to like is greater now with my daughter on the Earth and while I still rejoice that I'm back in my pre-pregnancy capris...I'd dying to get new shorts in a smaller size or actually have the need for a belt again. I feel like I wear the same old clothes all the time but I actually have a whole closet full of them from my younger years that I wouldn't mind getting into again but need to shed those few (lol) extra pounds. Evan talks that when we eventually buy a house here we'll get some equipment but I'm not waiting that long. My girlfriend has offered the use of her equipment but that feels too awkward to use it with Carolyn running around. Nevertheless, I've decided that this is it. I'll never be the size of my beautiful sister-in-law but I'd sure like to try. Regardless though of the number on the scale, I have a husband who is crazy about me (both inside and out) and a daughter that lights up and runs to me when she sees me. So life can't be all that bad. My favorite verse is I Samuel 16:7 "But the Lord said to Samuel, 'Do not look at his appearance or at the height of his stature, because I have rejected him; for God sees not as man sees, for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.'" This is my favorite because it constantly reminds me that my weight is not important to God as so long as I'm fit enough to do the work for His kingdom. Just some more random thoughts from a stay-at-home mom who is still traveling down the road God has laid before her. I'm Out.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

A little more protein

Okay so today at church Carolyn was playing in the nursery and happened upon a fly. No doubt it was probably from Saturday's cleaning day at church. They ended up cleaning out all the light fixtures, which happen to be pseudo flycatchers. Well this new discovery was intriguing to my young daughter and like all things that catch her fancy she must either lick it or plain out right eat it. Well so was true with the fly. The child ate the fly and all’s dad said was “hey a little extra protein” as I’m trying to dig out fly wings and other unmentionable pieces from the sweet lips of a curious child. What a wonderful Sunday morning discovery…

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Bittersweet goodbye

Well I'm in St.Louis right now which is great because I get to see my family and my sweet nephews but it's sad right now because my great-grandmother just passed away this week. It's okay though because she had a very full life of 93 years and I have many fond memories of her. She use to always greet us (my twin and I) at the door with a baggie of m & m's (guess we know how my great figure started) and we would play yahtzee and cards for hours after school with her. She also use to measure how tall we were with the pearl covered snaps on her silk-like shirts. We had some great memories of her and if I were home I'd post a picture but I'm not so you get to read about my memories. Everyone in the family is doing well and we all knew time was running out for her. I think at this point the only thing I wish for her is godspeed and I wish she could have remembered (not only just meet) her great-great-grandchildren because she has four of them now. My grandmother, however, is including a single rose for each great-great-grandchild in her casket as a way for her to be close to them...even though she's dead. Don't really understand it but I guess at this point it's the thought that counts. Well that's all from me...check back in a few days because I probably won't post until Saturday evening or even Sunday when I get back home. I'm out...

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

My sweet husband

Okay so those of you who not interacted with Evan don’t know this yet but he is soo sweet and good hearted. So sweet that he’ll even let cars pull out in front of him. Get this. We were pulling out of a gas station recently in Ohio when a blue Honda decided he wanted to pull out too so he starts creeping back. Evan, being the sweetie that he is, waves on the Honda to go ahead. Well the Honda kept coming and Evan finally realized that NO ONE WAS DRIVING the Honda. I never mentioned a driver did I??? It must have been in neutral or something because the car was on the move and the owner was scurrying back to stop the car. This skinny teenager gets behind the car and holds it still (it looked like a toy car it was so small) but that of course isn’t going to stop a car so finally he gets the bright idea to get in the car and actually apply the break. Needless to say we escaped from a near head on collision of a driverless vehicle actually hitting us. I just can’t make this stuff up. So funny but just goes to show he’s sweet to everyone and everything.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

My Butler Beauties

Ahh my girls…I love these girls. There use to be 8 but somewhere along the line the group started heading different ways life teens do and now there are 6 to 7 that are still close. But they are all my girls and always will be. We have great memories and still have close friendships. Part of tradition when we come to visit is a little R and R. In our case that stands for Rey Aztecs and Rita’s. Love ‘em, love ‘em, love ‘em. This past weekend we got to add another gal to our group…my daughter Carolyn. She had a taco and some of everybody’s Italian ice I think and she loved it. YEAH!!! Afterward we made sure that she brushed her teeth (so cute!). Well so the group dynamic is changing but that’s how life is. Soon the girls will be finishing high school and heading to college…I’m already trying to get them to choose an Indiana school because I miss my girls! Love you.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Thank Goodness it's Monday

Well we survived the trip to Pennsylvania. We had to remodel our bathroom to our house up there but it looks promising because the renters (who are friends) said we could put it on the market whenever eventhough they have a lease until September. God truly provides. Okay that brings me to another thought that I was going to actually interrupt Pastor Bill one Sunday (during his sermon if you can believe that) just because I had this urging to tell something about Evan and I. I couldn't interrupt him but afterward when I talked to Pastor about it he said I should have. Still don't think I could though. So here's what I was going to say that Sunday morning. Pastor was talking about tithe and that can be a touchy subject for some but not Evan and I. Since we got married that has been a PRIORITY, even through layoffs and single-income it reminds our priviledge and we look at it that way too. We use to make deals with one another just for the honor to put the check in the plate. (we're goofy we know but let me explain.) So when I got knocked up in 2004 (LOL...lovin' my word choice) I was so sick that I couldn't work (which was foreign to me). Well that was starting in June 2004 and Evan-being the projectionist (is that even a word?) that he is he told me that the way our finances were going, we'd be broke in September, facing bankruptcy since we were carrying the house in PA and rent in Indiana. That means I'd need to get a job. Well I was still sooo sick that I didn't feel ethical about getting a job and Evan agreed. But meanwhile, this whole time we kept our tithe consistant and in September our finaces flatlined. We weren't saving anything but we weren't spending more than we (well he) brought in. And this reminded the same throughout the rest of the pregnancy. I made a bunch of homemade gifts that year for Christmas and we made it to March 2005, moved and had a baby without going deeper in debt. Then it was the decision of whether I should stay home or go to work but without knowing anyone to see about childcare we opted that I should stay home...which still isn't an easy thing for me but I'm loving it a little more each day. Irregardless, we continue to tithe and our financial situation continues to get better even though if you were to look at the numbers you wouldn't know how it is happening. But we's God. So for us, it's a priviledge to give to God after He has taken such great care of us. And while there are times still that our confidence might sway, we know in the end that God protects His children.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Post Number 1

Okay all you CFC friends. I'm finally doing this although I DON'T KNOW WHY I'M DOING THIS! But I'm on the world wide web now so watch for updates. We're heading out this weekend to fix up our Pennsylvania home so have a happy Easter. Talk to you all when we return.