Monday, April 17, 2006

Thank Goodness it's Monday

Well we survived the trip to Pennsylvania. We had to remodel our bathroom to our house up there but it looks promising because the renters (who are friends) said we could put it on the market whenever eventhough they have a lease until September. God truly provides. Okay that brings me to another thought that I was going to actually interrupt Pastor Bill one Sunday (during his sermon if you can believe that) just because I had this urging to tell something about Evan and I. I couldn't interrupt him but afterward when I talked to Pastor about it he said I should have. Still don't think I could though. So here's what I was going to say that Sunday morning. Pastor was talking about tithe and that can be a touchy subject for some but not Evan and I. Since we got married that has been a PRIORITY, even through layoffs and single-income it reminds our priviledge and we look at it that way too. We use to make deals with one another just for the honor to put the check in the plate. (we're goofy we know but let me explain.) So when I got knocked up in 2004 (LOL...lovin' my word choice) I was so sick that I couldn't work (which was foreign to me). Well that was starting in June 2004 and Evan-being the projectionist (is that even a word?) that he is he told me that the way our finances were going, we'd be broke in September, facing bankruptcy since we were carrying the house in PA and rent in Indiana. That means I'd need to get a job. Well I was still sooo sick that I didn't feel ethical about getting a job and Evan agreed. But meanwhile, this whole time we kept our tithe consistant and in September our finaces flatlined. We weren't saving anything but we weren't spending more than we (well he) brought in. And this reminded the same throughout the rest of the pregnancy. I made a bunch of homemade gifts that year for Christmas and we made it to March 2005, moved and had a baby without going deeper in debt. Then it was the decision of whether I should stay home or go to work but without knowing anyone to see about childcare we opted that I should stay home...which still isn't an easy thing for me but I'm loving it a little more each day. Irregardless, we continue to tithe and our financial situation continues to get better even though if you were to look at the numbers you wouldn't know how it is happening. But we's God. So for us, it's a priviledge to give to God after He has taken such great care of us. And while there are times still that our confidence might sway, we know in the end that God protects His children.


Donna said...

When we are faithful to God, He IS faithful to us. I KNOW how tithe works. I can give testimony after testimony to that one as well. Wish someone would tell my husband that!

I personnally think you made the right shoice to stay at home with your baby too. To me, that is the way God intended it to be and He would provide just like you said.

Love Ya.

AmyJo said...

Thank you for sharing this, it's encouraging!

Lisa said...

Great testimony Jess!!! I told you too...INTERRUPT!!!

Susie said...

That is a wonderful testimony! I was at a church service where someone talked about tithing. The way she put it (and she used scriptures) was that when we withold our tithe, we are putting a curse on ourselves! I knew that tithing was something you were supposed to do and I tithe, but sometimes I didn't see how I possibly could. I had already determined to tithe that day and then she shared that. I was dumbfounded! I certainly didn't want a curse upon my family...we have enough to deal with without adding a curse to the mix. Anyway, the evidence of tithing totally outweighs the evidence of not tithing. I too think you should've had the freedom and boldness to interrupt the service. I would say it was the spirit urging you to share for the benefit of someone else. You go girl!