Wednesday, September 30, 2009

First Day layout

Yes, this is for Carolyn's book. I previously posted a page for my book about her first day, but as any obessed scrapbooker can tell you, you usually have more than one album going at any one time. For me, I do for Carolyn, one for Jonathan and one for the family. I might start getting into doing ones for others but then what happens when you fall in love with a new creation and you have to give it away ... makes me sad just thinking about it. Wow that's terrible huh!


Well I finally got the pictures added to a layout that I made over a crop weekend in late August. My mom and I went to the crop because of a book series we were reading involving murder, mystery and mayhem...thanks to Joanna Campbell Slan. It was a great weekend and the coordinator, Angela Rhyne, did an amazing job!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


You know there are days that your children love one another and days they need some space from one another. Well this was a day that they played beautifully together. I wanted to capture these moments of their childhood and I loved this layout idea from CTMH and so here is that company's layout idea with my children having a tea party.

Carolyn's first day layout

I love this page...I love trying so new things for me. I saw a similiar layout on the My Mind's Eye blog and loved the title. I did Jen's trick of rolling the stamp letters to get the edging color different on the word "heart." anyway, now I need to do this page for her book but not using this paper...going with some more classic preschool paper with lots of colors. The journaling reads,
"Carolyn entered 4-year old preschool at XXX Elementary and for the first time, had to ride a bus to school. She was more excited about the bus ride than school but donning a new outfit, she was ready for both. While she only rode the bus twice because of route changes, every day when I drop her off at school, my heart breaks a little more knowing she’s getting bigger and bigger and one day, she won’t run back to give me another kiss before scurrying into school for the morning. I just thank God that today…she gave me two kisses!"

Mom's Christmas layout

So it's no secret that I'm a Close to my heart junkie but I have started experimenting with other company's products as well. This is a layout I did for my mother's Christmas album. We went to a crop together a few weeks back in hopes of finishing up her Christmas pages. This was Jonathan's first Christmas so of course I wanted to do that layout. It's not COMPLETELY still needs to embellish it a little more but I'm loving the tree and the fact that all us kids and grandkids are featured.