Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Carolyn's first day layout

I love this page...I love trying so new things for me. I saw a similiar layout on the My Mind's Eye blog and loved the title. I did Jen's trick of rolling the stamp letters to get the edging color different on the word "heart." anyway, now I need to do this page for her book but not using this paper...going with some more classic preschool paper with lots of colors. The journaling reads,
"Carolyn entered 4-year old preschool at XXX Elementary and for the first time, had to ride a bus to school. She was more excited about the bus ride than school but donning a new outfit, she was ready for both. While she only rode the bus twice because of route changes, every day when I drop her off at school, my heart breaks a little more knowing she’s getting bigger and bigger and one day, she won’t run back to give me another kiss before scurrying into school for the morning. I just thank God that today…she gave me two kisses!"


ralang said...

make me tear-up why don't you

Crazy Daisy said...

fun layout!