Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Santa list

Seriously, love this time of year but the whole shopping thing is completely not my style. I do the list idea (thanks to whomever came up with that idea.) So the kiddos are 5 and 7, Santa is alive and they have this crazy notion their lists need to be long as to give him lots of options. This year's list includes a Wii (yep we are a family without a video gaming system...what, they do!), a dog (and the fence to go with it) and my personal favorite was the "dog skooper for poo." (her spelling not mine!) That way we don't have to buy anything for the dog because it's all free, my daughter says. Yes, it's all free dear. The Santa bubble might have to get popped on this one. Of course, there is the nook color, the laptop (yes a desktop family still too... unbelievable I know right!) But when I mentioned that we still need to pick out our annual family to adopt this year, suddenly, pencils stopped, eyes were focused on me and they started asking if they could get a family with a daughter and son just like us, and their same ages, and can we meet them and can I wrap their presents. This is what I love about Christmas. The giving and today, I'm extremely thankful that even at 5 and 7, my children are grasping the importance of brotherly love.