Tuesday, May 22, 2007

She belongs in the Zoo

A couple weeks ago, we ventured out and took the children to another St. Louis Landmark...the St. Louis Zoo. It was a blast watching Carolyn run from one railing to the next to see all the various types of animals. Of course, right now she's in a Curious George phase and loved the monkey house but the birds in the 1904 World's Fair Bird Cage also caught her attention. We didn't make it to the butterfly exhibit...that will be for the next trip.

A St. Louis Landmark

The St. Louis Arch is the tallest national monument in the United States at 630 feet; it is the city's best known landmark and a popular tourist attraction. Over a million people take the tram up to the top of the Arch however, Carolyn and Jonathan will have to do it another time. I wasn't going to subject the two of them or my two ears to the potentional crying in the small enclosed "egg" shape tram to the top. Many people often ask about the Arch's construction. It began February 12, 1963 and the last section of the Arch was put into place on October 28, 1965.

Monday, May 14, 2007

New baby in the family

Tonight we went to the hospital to visit Jonathan and Carolyn's second cousin Addyson. She was born this morning at 1:32 a.m. and weighed 5 pounds 14 ounces and measured 19" in length. She's SOOO tiny. However, she does dwarf Jonathan in the hair department!

made with love

So haven't made a decorated cake in a while but I did work on this latest creation. For Mother's Day, my little sister Ellie and I made an edible bouquet for our mom. It was my sister's idea to buy one but I thought we could make it. Boy was the experience memorable! We laughed so hard coming up with "the plan" and then getting fruit juice everywhere as we pierced pienapple flowers and skewered grapes. It was fun and definately yummy!

Just a mom

The following is from a MOPS international email and I think it sums up my job but also my priviledge of being "just a Mom" at home everyday coming up of new ways to teach my children our family values while they discover the world around them through activities and just plain curiousity.

Just a Mom
By Rhonda Headley, Council Coordinator
"During my youth in the 80's, I recall Nancy Reagan's anti-drug slogan, "Just say no." Well, if you've ever been or known someone addicted to drugs or alcohol, you know just saying no is no small feat. The intoxicating power of drugs and the stronghold of peer pressure are difficult to break. Then there's the Nike shoe commercial campaign of "Just do it." If you're an athlete, accomplishment in your sport doesn't just happen. Hard work, discipline and often overcoming mental challenges and physical injuries are ingredients to athletic success.Now think back to your dating years. Is there a girl out there who hasn't heard the heart-wrenching words, "Let's just be friends?" Fast forward to your mommy years. How often have you heard, "Just a minute," uttered from your kids? Their definition of a minute and yours are totally different... there's no just about it. You're bound to have to repeat your request or say it louder to get your point across. So imagine my surprise the other day when I was answering an e-mail from an old college friend with whom I've recently reconnected. When he inquired about what I've been up to lately, I almost found myself typing, "Just busy being a mom." As if being a mom is a less important vocation than his own, or a sheer drudgery, or beneath me. It saddens and sometimes infuriates me when I hear women describe themselves as "Just a mom." I admit motherhood can be lonely, far from glamorous, stressful, exhausting and plain hard sometimes. But it's never unrewarding. The hugs and kisses we get from our children are sheer bliss, and that's just the beginning of our rewards. There's nothing just about being a mom!
Prayer From a Mother's HeartDear God, thank you for the privilege of being a mom - help me to instill in my child that there is nothing little about the responsibilities and joys of parenthood."

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

RSVP for four

Okay so I thought that I'd post the news, the Zelkovich family is returning to Indiana! Caden A. has so graciously opened up his parent's home to host his first sleepover with Jonathan but since the kiddos are so young, it will be a parent supervised sleepover in case either of them need well anything at this point, I mean come on Caden is 2 months and Jonathan is 3 weeks. But while we're up there, we decided we'll stop in and bless the marriage of Cindy to Scott and cry alongside her daddy as he gives yet another daughter away-really he's just collecting son-in-laws right?!? (wink wink). So see you all in a few weeks with our newest addition in tow and we'll let you know how Jonathan's first sleepover went-but you might be able to tell by the bags under our eyes at the EARLY morning wedding on Saturday. Until then.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Tank Tu Meemaw

So my little girl in her high pitch voice goes "tank tu meemaw, tank tu" as she happened upon some stickers my mother bought for her. Now I say, thank you meemaw, thank you as I now have stickers on my toes, and my hands, my table and couch and of course, all over my little girl's face. It is tooo cute!!! Thankfully this time, Jonathan was out of reach!