Tuesday, May 22, 2007

She belongs in the Zoo

A couple weeks ago, we ventured out and took the children to another St. Louis Landmark...the St. Louis Zoo. It was a blast watching Carolyn run from one railing to the next to see all the various types of animals. Of course, right now she's in a Curious George phase and loved the monkey house but the birds in the 1904 World's Fair Bird Cage also caught her attention. We didn't make it to the butterfly exhibit...that will be for the next trip.


jeremiah alexander said...

sounds like fun :)...and its free too:) miss you guys...carolyn looks so cute in her little dress

Beth said...

She is just too CUTE! It was so good to see you all at the wedding! I so want to come visit; I'll try!

Miriam Solomon said...

she has the cutest little outfits! is it weird saying "the children" ? :)