Sunday, March 18, 2007

The ER

Carolyn's second birthday is coming up and last night we got the first trip to the ER over with her. A little scary but but I knew that God was with her. Evan was more freaked out because as he says, it was his responsibility to keep an eye on her but really she's a toddler now and independence is both an advantage and disadvantage. The story: We were spending the day at my grandparent's house in the back hills of Missouri. Quite beautiful. They have this dog and Carolyn loves dogs so she spent a lot of time playing with the dog and walking with her. As she was strolling through the house she basically got into my grandfather's pill box (he's on a chemical cocktail everyday, twice a day) and 9 various pills were missing by the time Evan got to her. Our first reaction, look for the pills on the floor or in something because she loves to transfer things. Next, call Poison Control (the little yuck man faces have a voice) and they said to take her to the hospital after reading them the 9 that were missing. Only one was really a big concern because it's a beta blocker and at her age, it could have dropped her blood pressure down too low. Well anyway, the nearest hospital was an hour away so needless to say Evan was doing like 95 on the highway and between 70 and 80 on the back roads. It was fun, 9 months pregnant, flying down curvy roads, not only praying over Carolyn but the life I have growing inside me. I would never have imagined that Evan could push on the gas that much LOL.
Anyway, so we get to the hospital and Carolyn gets put into a trauma room where they put her in this cute little baby gown and stick electrodes on her and bring coloring pages and crayons to keep her occupied while they monitored her. She HATED the blood pressure cuff and any doctor that walked in the room but was totally fine with the nurses. I was thinking, man, I should have brough my camera, what a great scrapbooking page with all these wires and cute little gown. I know it sounds crazy to be thinking that, but mother's instinct said she would be fine. She was acting totally normal and saying Hi to just about everyone (not the doctor). She was a trooper. She wasn't showing any signs after like 4 hours so we went home. There was a dog in the room so who knows at this point if the dog got to the pills first. Anyway, it was an hour drive here and we're here for like 20 minutes and she starts vomiting everywhere. It took us an hour and half to clean up what she did in five minutes. I think every surface in the bathroom got covered. It was sick. And then thankfully we had slipcovers on the couch so I just took that off and washed it up. It was insane. Then she snuggled with me all night and daddy took the couch because let's face it, I'm too big now to deal with two other people in a queen size bed and it was his fault. LOL. But today she's feeling great and no worries...except the bill.