Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Old but still needs posting

well here we are...two moms ready any time now to deliver. Amanda is due on the 23rd of March and I'm technically due on the 17th of April but they might induce me two weeks early because this little guy is growing something fierce and no 14 pound child is coming out of me! Looking at the pic now, we both seem so small in comparison to today. This was taken in late January at her baby shower.

Monday, February 26, 2007

We're in

Well it was a long time in coming but we're officially moved in. Still boxes fill the garage but we're working on them. Carolyn loves the new room which is painted pink and green and she's adapting well to the toddler bed. We're already baking in the kitchen for daddy. latest prego update is another ultrasound on Friday to see how this guy is developing because the docs think he'll have to be induced he's measuring a bit big (like 4 weeks bigger than he should be). NO 14 POUND CHILD COMING FROM THIS BODY! Otherwise, life is good but we miss our friends.