Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Old but still needs posting

well here we are...two moms ready any time now to deliver. Amanda is due on the 23rd of March and I'm technically due on the 17th of April but they might induce me two weeks early because this little guy is growing something fierce and no 14 pound child is coming out of me! Looking at the pic now, we both seem so small in comparison to today. This was taken in late January at her baby shower.


Miriam Solomon said...

you two are so precious! and you crack me up with the 14 lb baby thing! i love you and miss you!!

jeremiah alexander said...


AmyJo said...

Hey you! It's good to see a couple of updates on here. I tried to call and chat the other day, but you were screening your calls, so I just left you a quick message! Chris and I have been thinking about you guys lately. Hope you're doing great.

love you,

Beth said...

I love you SO much!