Monday, January 08, 2007

Settling in

Wow so Carolyn is doing soooo good with this unsettled lifestyle we've got going on. I mean we're looking for a place to live but she's doing great at Grandpa's so far. Toys to play with, hugs for grandpa every time she sees him (he loves that) and helping mommy make dinner (the big daily highlight). She sees family a lot which is a big change for her and us but she's adjusting well to it and giving hugs and kisses. She's learned to say thank you and ask for more (usually cookies but Miriam would understand how great those are but BETH wouldn't!!) (Not bitter!!) LOL. So anyway, we're narrowing our house search so hopefully soon our stuff will be out of storage and life will get settled before well Jonathan's born...AHHHH seems too close. Well until next time.