Sunday, March 30, 2008

My girl is 3 (or free if you ask her)!

I can't believe it...she's 3. Although I'm sure I'll say this about every birthday of hers from now until I quit writing on this stupid blog. She had a bunch of little kiddos over for a princess party and while a few friends couldn't make...the house was packed with laughter and giggles most of the time. Of course I did the cake and she loved teh sparkles on the side of it along with many of her friends which only ate the icing. (good thing we did the cake toward the end...LOL.) Anyway, all is well and she was blessed with many great memories and many great gifts. Thank you all for celebrating with us!


mtheilen said...

It looks like Carolyn had so much fun. We wish we could have been there to celebrate!

Beth said...

I CANNOT believe that she is three! That makes me so sad!