Thursday, June 15, 2006

It does exist!

So on our adventure to Ohio a few weekends past we discovered some place that was only eluded to in my childhood. How many of you out there in Internet land ever been told you needed to attend Charm School. Perhaps you tripped or didn't use your silverware correctly or even belched at the table but a parent said you needed to attend Charm School. Little did you know the place actually existed. Grant this Charm school is geared toward the elementary students there to learn math and spelling and such but it exist. Makes you wonder, do any of those students belch at their cafeteria tables and if so where do the teacher want to send them...humm... something to think about. I'm out.

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Miriam Solomon said...

yeah i think i definitely missed out on charm school...the whole belching thing has kind of taken over my life...maybe someone should've told my parents about it when i was younger.