Wednesday, June 07, 2006


We're both getting a lesson in independence this week. Evan's in Japan and soon after he left I had three flat tires within 24 hours. I wasn't stressing after the third one because it just became funny. Oh well all better now. I haven't been sleeping good because I miss my man in the house and Carolyn's the same way. She has had some really funny moments without daddy though. She does "talk" to him on the phone which he loves but while we spend time just she and I, I daily see her independence growing. The other day she pulled her clothes out of her closet for the next stage of her life (24 month clothing) and cleared out her dresser and put those in them. Too funny. Then she took my t-shirts out of my drawers and put them in the laundry basket and heaven forbid the basket is close to the washer because she'll transfer those to the washer too. LOL. Too funny. Well thought I would share. A few more days to go without Evan but us womenfolk are making it and finding our own independence in the process.


Lisa said...

Glad you guys are hanging in there. Kids gaining their independence is inevitable. As a Mom, this isn't always fun.

maverick said...

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jendan02 said...

Well hang in there. It is hard being a single mom. I have two and things can get pretty dicey during moments. But I am learning not to stress out about what I have to do during the day, but rather just enjoy having the time while they are this age. It only happens once. Love ya JEN