Sunday, September 09, 2007

Starburst Rose

Check it out...instead of making roses out of icing...why not starbursts...they taste yummy and it turns looks good too. I hear tootsie rolls get the same effect. Yeah for creativity! This is the base...1 whole starburst.

First you need to smoosh (technical term) them out. I cut them in half because I didn't want a huge glob (another technical term) of starburst at the bottom. I also thinned the edges a bit more.

Then comes shaping the rose and adding petals to the base.

Yeah for the final product!


BethyM said...

Adorable! What a yummy idea. I bet kids would love to have those kinds of flowers on their cake. Hmm, wonder if I have any starburst around here (sound of riffling in the cabinet)


Miriam Solomon said...

i wish i was as creative as you..seriously! i love how you have an eternal well of creativity! :) miss you jess!