Sunday, August 26, 2007

Looking hot for 27!

Well that's it...we're 27 now. We celebrated with drinks and dinner at a Sushi/Hibachi restaurant and Jen ate sushi for the first time....and she's going back for more. Anyway...then we concluded the festivities with a movie, The Bourne Ultimatum. Yeah...the cinematography was awful. Way TOO jerky and while it was probably trying to give you the feel of everything moving sooo fast…it just made me think that the budget didn’t allow for good editors and the compensated with jerky camera motions so you didn’t see that all the punches didn’t connect. Good plot and a very nice looking leading man but it was overshadowed with trying to focus on the images while they were shaking. Not easy to do after a red dragon and whatever green tea/vodka drink Jen had which was good too.


Miriam Solomon said...

you crack me up! oh how i miss you. the bourne supremacy cinematography was a lot worse, i don't know if you saw that one too. happy birthday by the way and guess what? i'm 21 now, so the next time we see each other...we'll be going out okay? :)

WhyamIdoingthis said...

ok miriam....I have a grat sangria recipe now...yummy!

BethyM said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Let's do sushi! One of my personal favorite foods. :-)