Thursday, April 05, 2007

dancing with daddy

Okay so Carolyn has this Leapfrog magnet farmhouse thingy that plays four different songs (I think) with a banjo and we call the thing her toddler stereo because she'll go in the kitchen and start dancing to the music. Like normal, she typically drags one of us in there with her to dance, which is more like stomping and swinging her arms like crazy. Anyway, so on this occassion I snapped a few pictures before she noticed me but then she wouldn't stop looking at me so here's one of her pausing for her close-up. I think Evan kept going...must be the effects of dance, dance revolution on him. (thanks Jeremy!)


jeremiah alexander said...

Freakin-A!!! thats awesome

Beth said...

AHA! I want to see Evan do DDR!