Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Branching out

We found this really neat park over in Illinois and the kids loved it. All the climbing equipment was wooden and in shapes of transportation like planes, trains, tractors (did you think I was going write automobiles...carefully you'd be dating yourself!) BUT there was a pick up truck.... Anyway, snagged some great pics of the children but the funniest has to be their sudden urge to play with a tree...I guess that was after an hour or better but all the same...plenty of stuff to keep them busy and they choose a tree.

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Miriam Solomon said...

JESSICA! i can't believe how big they're getting! it's like a mini-jessica and mini-evan! i love it! and i'm so glad you're still blogging. i just happened to check yours and now that i know you're on here every so often, i'll check more than rarely! i miss you guys!