Sunday, December 03, 2006

Oh sweet daughter. She's getting so big and I think she's actually looking forward to a baby brother. Mommy's little shadow recently wanted to be a big girl and put on some light cute. There's a pic of her eating out of the VERY same bowls that my dad use to eat out of when he was her age. Crazy!!! And finally a pic of my latest cake (a dummy of what Amanda's might look like in a few weeks...ahhh). Well anyway, that's my sweet daughter...growing up WAY too fast.


Andy said...

She's sure a cutie pie!!!!

Love ya!

Miriam said...

ahhhhhhhh she's so precious jess! i miss you guys a lot!! did you get my voicemail?? shoot me an e-mail, aight?! give carolyn a kiss for me!