Friday, October 06, 2006

The heartbeat

Well on Thursday we heard the baby's heartbeat for the first time. It was too early for my first appointment so we had to wait till the 12 week appointment. It was a strong heartbeat but the baby moved a lot so the doctor was having a problem keeping it on the doppler. Carolyn's reaction was less than impressive. I guess I shouldn't have expected a "Wow mommy that's the baby" moment but I was. I mean she's 18 months and kiss my tummy already but I'm not sure she's kissing the tummy because she knows there is a baby inside or it's mommy's tummy. I'm leaning toward the latter. Regardless she had a look of concern watching me lay on the table to hear the at least she's protective. Just a quick update.


Miriam Solomon said...

thank you for the update, i was missing you!! e-mail me pictures of you and your pregnant self!! i wish i could be there to see you growing! and carolyn--what a weed, she's becoming such a big girl! i love you jess and miss you!

Andy said...

So very cool. I always loved hearing that heartbeat for the first time.

Amy came home from Riley Days and was so excited that she saw you. She said Carolyn just smiled at her and seemed happy to see her.

We miss you guys. It was good to see Evan at the golf tourney today.

Love you.

Beth said...

when are you due again? i miss you guys like crazy! i'm thinking about coming home just to see you guys and have some of your awesome cooking and see carolyn before she gets too big!

Cortney Renee said...

Man Amy and I had a blast with lil Carolyn!